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Athletic Director | 6/30/2023

Interscholastic athletics is a program of sports activities directed specifically to all the students of the school, either as participants or supporters. It is intended that competitive athletics would develop within the student-athlete the qualities of leadership, initiative, and good judgment. This program must promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well being of the student-athlete so that he/she may be able to effectively perform and lead under stress and in competition. It is desired that the participants in this program, through individual hard work and self-sacrificing, discover their own self-identity and learn to respect other participants for their accomplishments. The student-athlete is not only responsible to self, but also to his/her teammates. It is the intent of Lakeside High School to set a standard of acceptable behavior that encourages its students to strive for the highest level of performance while emphasizing the importance of integrity, moral responsibility, and a healthy respect for positive personal values.

Athletics would be slighted if only portrayed as a program for development of youth. Interscholastic athletics is the enjoyment of companionship and new friendships, the exhilaration of meeting and exceeding personal and team goals, and the development of personal skills and standards. Interscholastic athletics is the involvement of the whole student body in spirit and support beyond the academic sphere of the school.

With these beliefs, we feel that a strong program of interscholastic athletics is needed by Lakeside, a school most interested in attracting and developing young lives. This program must provide a diverse selection of sports, and the program must ensure that the level of interscholastic competition is appropriate to induce excellence in athletic abilities, moral leadership, physical enjoyment, and school involvement.

Participation in activities/athletics is not required for graduation; however, it does require extra effort and extra time on a voluntary basis beyond the regular school day. Although voluntary, those participating do represent their peers and are expected to demonstrate high standards of conduct. Therefore, standards must be maintained at a high level for all those involved: athletes, parents, fans, officials, and coaches.